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Natural or relaxed I always struggled with retaining hair length. For YEARS I blamed myself and hated my hair because it did not curl and coil the way that I believed was beautiful. One day I started reading the lables to all my beauty products.  I started seeing words like parabens, formaldehyde, cancer causing! CHEMICALS, CHEMICALS CHEMICALS.... My hair struggles were due to my products and not my techniques! 
My name is Iyesis Gordon and I am the owner and CEO of Curly Temple. I am a science geek at heart! I have two degrees in science and I also minored in graphic design. I am a licensed Dental Hygienist by trade but hair is my passion! 

My natural hair story is a long one because I spent a decade doing it wrong! I grew up in a single parent household and we struggled.  So while I was in college I simply could not afford a relaxer anymore and I decided to cut all my hair off and "go natural".  During my college days although I was natural my hair continued to break off. 

My Curly Temple Story

I know there are so many other naturals that have given up on their curls because of similar issues. I want to represent the naturals that don't believe they have the perfect curls and coils. I want to stand for the ones who are unable to grow hair down to their butt within the first few years of returning natural. It took me years to figure out what I was doing wrong and I am blessed with the opportunity to be apart of the change.