6 Amazing Reasons To Use Hibiscus In Your Hair

 H I B I S C U S

What is it?


Hibiscus plants are known for their large, colorful flowers. These blossoms can make a decorative addition to a home or garden, but they also have medicinal uses.


The flowers and leaves can be made into teas and liquid extracts that can help treat a variety of conditions.


Hibiscus flowers come in many colors.They can be red, yellow, white, or peach-colored, and can be as big as 6 inches wide.


The most popular variety is Hibiscus sabdariffa.The red flowers of this variety are most commonly cultivated for medical purposes, and are available as dietary supplements.

Hair Benefits


In Ayurveda, Hibiscus is one of the most renowned herbs for promoting hair growth. If you’re only just discovering the benefits of Hibiscus for hair, we’ve listed all of them to help you understand Hibiscus better and see if it’s a fit for your hair care needs.

1. Stimulates hair growth

2. Conditions hair

3. Prevents baldness

4.  Treats dandruff and itchy scalp

5. Prevents premature greying

How to use?

Hibiscus oil rejuvenates the scalp and promotes hair growth. In short, it provides your hair with all the above-mentioned benefits of hibiscus. You can use it on your hair thrice a week to provide deep nourishment and improve blood circulation.

  • To prepare Hibiscus oil at home, take about 8 hibiscus flowers and 8 hibiscus leaves and grind them into a fine paste. 

  • Heat about a cup of coconut oil and add the paste to it. 

  • Let the mixture heat together and then keep it aside to cool down. 

  • Your hibiscus oil is ready to use. Massage your scalp with it for about 10 minutes and leave it on for about 30 minutes for best results.

  • After that, wash your hair and scalp with a mild cleanser.

You can even store the remaining Hibiscus oil for future use.


Our Products

Create a strong foundation with this hibiscus infused protein masque. A specialized blend of fruit extracts work to enhance elasticity, helping the hair withstand thermal styling to prevent damage. This masque reinforces strands and improves flexibility to boost hair's intrinsic strength so it resists split ends and breakage before it starts. Use as a deep conditioner monthly or weekly to repair hair that has been damaged from frequent heat styling, chemical treatments or stressful styling practices.


Which hair type is it good for?



✔ Curly

✔ Coiled

✔ Tightly Coiled




✔ Thick

✔ Dry Hair