CHECK YOUR LABEL: Hazardous Ingredients in Black Hair Care Products!

When was the last time you CHECKED YOUR LABELS?

Just because it is CHEAP and it may work doesn't mean its healthy! Silent Springs Institute found that 80 percent of the 18 tested products contain high levels of chemicals that “disrupt” the endocrine system. Hormone imbalance can affect your energy, your weight, your fertility, your mood and your hair! Even worst higher levels of parabens were found in products targeted to black women in comparison to white women, the study uncovered. Researchers even suggested that exposure to toxic chemicals in hair oils and relaxers could be directly linked to a “higher prevalence” of asthma in black girls and women, as well as early menstruation, uterine fibroids, and premature birth rates, along with increased cases cancers. Some of the products tested were Luster’s Pink Classic Light Oil Moisturizer Hair Lotion, Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise, ORC Fertilizing Serum, ORC Carrot and Olive Oil, Alberto V05 Moisturizing Oil, John Frieda Collection’s Frizz-Ease Hair Serum, Soft & Beautiful “Just for Me” No-Lye Conditioning Relaxer and Broner Brother’s Maximum Strength  SuperGro Conditioner with Vitamin E. This list is scary because I know many of us have grown up using all of these products and us as consumers are completely unaware of what we are putting on hair!

Please be mindful of what you put in and on your body. Click here to find the complete list of the products that were tested. To find natural hair products that work for you visit

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