No. Our goal is to make healthy hair products for women of color with little to no chemicals in it. Studies have shown that black hair care products have a laundry list of hormone disrupter in them! Hormone imbalance have been linked to fibroids, infertility, breast cancer, mood swings and hair loss. Our goal is to be apart of the change! All of our products have a 12 month shelf life but keep in mind that many factors that can cut down product shelf life which includes:

- Exposure to elements (air, heat, light) - Exposure to water/humidity (dilutes products) - Contact with human skin (causes bacteria growth - Oxidation

We respect the fact that all products need preservatives in order to have shelf life. Once you open our product a significant amount of time after buying it, the shelf life cuts down much faster so try to use it all as quickly as possible.

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Our Story

Based out of Riverdale, GA Curly Temple was created with kinky, curly hair in mind! Curly Temple product line consist of curly and kinky hair products. They include an array of conditioners, moisturizers and styling products. Our styling products for curly hair are botanically based with  Ayurvedic herbs, flowers and roots that provide nutrients to the hair and scalp promoting hydration, moisture and healthy hair growth.

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