How to Kill Split Ends!


Regardless of how you get split ends, THEY WILL NOT DISAPPEAR! The longer the hair, the older the ends and therefore they are more prone to split ends! Weekly washing, daily combing, styling, and also the dreaded chemical treatments can cause the hair cuticle to wear off. Avoiding split ends might come down to fixing these common styling mistakes:


1. Sealing your ends!

Sealing or "loc-ing" your ends is a process performed after you have moisturized your hair with water and simply coating them with your choice of oils or butter. The oils act as a barrier and hence provide a protective coating to your ends. This extra layer of protection believe it or not stops the inevitable evaporation of moisture from your hair.

The kinky your coils the heavier the oil you should use. After you have sealed do not manipulate your ends until they have completely dried.  No manipulation of your wet sealed ends means higher chances of your ends retaining moisture longer.

2. Comb wisely and correctly.

Everyone hates hair tangles! But hair tangles are a natural occurrence in curly and kinky hair. To remove hair tangles the best way to do it is to just comb through it...right? Wrong! Patience is key when managing tightly coiled hair. You should only detangle your hair when its wet and you have conditioner that has "good slip" which should make finger detangling a breeze! When manipulating your hair, finger detangle or use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush to prevent breakage and preserve the shape of your curls. Finally, and most important, comb your hair from ends to roots to reduce snapping of the hair follicle because of manual manipulation.

3. Shampoo only your scalp

When you have curly hair you should never shampoo your entire hair shaft regularly! Shampoo can be very harsh and stripping to the hair cuticle. It can suck all the moisture out of your hair causing weak and brittle ends. Now we don't recommended never shampooing the hair follicle but a good scalp cleanser is could be what is needed in between washings to keep the roots of your hair healthy and less irritated from product build up. Clay washes are also great cleanser because clays like bentonite and rhassoul have the ability to remove impurities from the hair shaft without stripping the cuticle of moisture.

4. Limit heat

Kinky hair sops up water and sometimes it can take days for it to dry. The dryer can fix that issue immediately but beware of what its doing to the ends of your hair. Heat can be great with limited you use. Healthy hair will only experience damage with excessive use of heat. You should never blow dry your hair bone dry. A little moisture never kills. Keep in mind your hair can withstand a temperature of 450F before burning. That means us naturals have to plan our life accordingly. So if you know have a wedding to go to on Saturday then maybe you should wash your hair on Thursday. This will give you the opportunity to try heatless hair stretching methods that require more time. It may seem tedious but if retaining length is important to you, you will go the extra mile to protect your hair from breakage and heat damage.

How To Trim Natural Hair Split Ends YOURSELF!

5. Trimming

Now it is true that cutting your hair more often doesn't make it grow faster. The ends of your hair don't effect the follicles in your scalp. Although it seems counterintuitive, trimming helps prevent uneven breakage of the hair shaft. Clipping your ends while growing it out will actually encourage hair growth by getting rid of any damaged, broken, or split ends. While you don't need to get a trim every six to eight weeks annual trimmings is a must!

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