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"If you’re looking for safe products that actually work then look no further" -  @firstclasscurls

"It truly had me feeling & smelling like a frizz-free and moistened tropical king" @_trashtalks 

 "My curls are so soft, defined, tons of volume, and no shrinkage!"  @miss_tera

"Great product i highly recommend for frizzy and dry hair ! Also alcohol free!! Get it ladies!!" @kyycurly 

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Our Story

Based out of Riverdale, GA Curly Temple was created with kinky, curly hair in mind! Curly Temple product line consist of curly and kinky hair products. They include an array of conditioners, moisturizers and styling products. Our styling products for curly hair are botanically based with  Ayurvedic herbs, flowers and roots that provide nutrients to the hair and scalp promoting hydration, moisture and healthy hair growth.

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